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Diaversary card Test strips

Diaversary card Test strips

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Diaversary card Test strips

Diabetes is a full-time job, it's hard work and I think it deserves some recognition. Congratulate your loved ones on another successful year since their diagnosis with this diaversary card.

Encourage your family or friends with diabetes

This congratulations card is a loving way to show your friends or family with diabetes that you are thinking of them and that you are proud of the hard work they put in each day. It's a great way to encourage them!

Acknowledge the dedication

The day you are diagnosed with diabetes is not a fun day, on the contrary, it will change your life forever. Still, it's good to make your diaversary a special day. People living with diabetes manage their sugar levels 24/7, without ever having a day off, and this deserves some encouragement and motivation. It's a time to celebrate the commitment your loved one has had during this past year in his or her life with diabetes and say, congratulations, you're doing great!

Product features

  • A6 size: 105 x 148mm
  • Blank back
  • Matt finish
  • Includes dark blue envelope
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