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insulin pump holder for around waist pink

insulin pump holder for around waist pink

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Introducing the insulin pump holder for around waist: Unparalleled comfort and safety for your insulin pump

Are you looking for a reliable and comfortable solution to wear your insulin pump under clothing? Then look no further! This insulin pump holder is designed for ease of use, so you can confidently manage your diabetes while on the go.

The insulin pump holder is specially designed for the Medtronic Minimed insulin pumps and the Tandem t:slim, and offers an exceptional fit so that your pump stays securely in place.


While some prefer the convenience of a window to access the pump, I understand others prefer a more traditional approach. The version without a window offers a secure pouch for your insulin pump, where you remove the pump (partially) from the pouch to operate it. This allows for more direct interaction with the device, giving you complete control over your diabetes management.


Some key features of our premium insulin pump case


Secure and adjustable fit

The holder's adjustable waistband provides a comfortable and secure fit, so you can move with confidence while keeping your insulin pump within reach.


Reliable protection

Made from 95% cotton, the durable pouch provides exceptional protection for your insulin pump, protecting it from bumps, scratches and other potential hazards of everyday life.


Quick and easy access

Although the insulin pump must be (partly) removed from the pouch to access it to operate it, the design allows for easy and hassle-free access when you need to check your glucose levels or administer insulin.


Comfortable to wear all day long

The high-quality materials and thoughtful construction of our insulin pump case ensure a comfortable experience, so you can wear it all day long without discomfort or irritation.


Versatile compatibility

This holder is compatible with the Medtronic Minimed insulin pumps and the Tandem t:slim and offers a universal solution for people using these popular pump models.


Invest in the insulin pump holder for under your clothes today and experience comfort and safety for your insulin pump. Rediscover the freedom to manage your diabetes with ease, knowing that your pump is at your fingertips when you need it.


Product features

  • Made in a tailor-made company in Belgium.
  • All basic materials come from Europe.
  • The bag consists of 95% cotton so that, unlike synthetic materials, you continue to have a fresh feeling during hot days.
  • There are 2 sizes available: 40-100cm and 60-120cm
  • Suitable for the Medtronic Minimed insulin pumps and the Tandem t:slim.
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